Client Details

This was my Project to start a business as a web developer but later I decided to work as a freelancer under my name instead of going with web artificer. This business was going to be giving services like web designing, web dev, SEO, poster design, and graphic design.

Project Goal

The goal was to make this website look corporate as minimal showing an illustration of the service we provide as a design. The aim was to showcase the services I provide and the work I have done for the client. clean and simple.



The result was a very minimal and focused design and a beautiful color palette. showing different section with different illustrations which made this website look minimal

Other Projects

Social Media Marketing

To make the website appealing, clean, and clear with its content and goal

WaitQ Application

The goal was to provide every detail of the application on the website so that people can view it to understand the use case and learn about the developer of these applications. The should look minimal and elegant