Client Details

Social Biscuit is a digital marketing agency that provides services like content creation, influencer marketing, email marketing, and many more which boost the client’s presence on the internet and help the company grow. But before that most important is for them to show their presence in a better way on the internet that’s why a website with a darker tone will make the website look richer and contrast high.

Project Goal

To make the website appealing, clean, and clear with its content and goal



The website look rich with content and the design satisfied the customer with its look and the website idea was clear to showcase the service as clearly as possible

Other Projects

Web Artificer

The goal was to make this website look corporate as minimal showing an illustration of the service we provide as a design. The aim was to showcase the services I provide and the work I have done for the client. clean and simple.

WaitQ Application

The goal was to provide every detail of the application on the website so that people can view it to understand the use case and learn about the developer of these applications. The should look minimal and elegant