Mohammed Zeeshan Jagirdar




Client Details

This website was my first Personal website and my first project as a website designer. This website was created to showcase all my skillset, my education, and projects in college also this was my first website as blogger.

Project Goal

The target was to be minimal and creative. The website needed to be modern in look and informative it should have all the important details on the first page itself but should not slow down the website loading speed.



The end result was an amazing color combination. a great hero section with me as a vector. showcasing almost everything in one section about me and three pages link to the circular button. further with great animation of my skill ratings and my education. The website was good looking and my first design.

Other Projects

Social Media Marketing

To make the website appealing, clean, and clear with its content and goal

Web Artificer

The goal was to make this website look corporate as minimal showing an illustration of the service we provide as a design. The aim was to showcase the services I provide and the work I have done for the client. clean and simple.