Inspire Change




Client Details

Inspire Change is an NGO based in Delhi that focuses on 3 major problems. They work closely with Members of Parliament, Members of Legislative Assembly, Government Officials, and NGOs on policymaking, public outreach, and constituency development to bring about a positive and effective change.

Project Goal

The website Should be a balance between corporate look and creative look. It represents our Indian farmer, children, and what inspires change did for them. There should be a feeling of peace in the website. no funky look just representing details in an appropriate manner.



The website Overall look was appreciated by the client. It was as per the goals specified by the client. Not too corporate and not too creative. It showcases Indian children and farmers. The website is clean and elegant.

Other Projects

Social Media Marketing

To make the website appealing, clean, and clear with its content and goal

Web Artificer

The goal was to make this website look corporate as minimal showing an illustration of the service we provide as a design. The aim was to showcase the services I provide and the work I have done for the client. clean and simple.