A collection of the website that I have created

Social Media Marketing

To make the website appealing, clean, and clear with its content and goal

Web Artificer

The goal was to make this website look corporate as minimal showing an illustration of the service we provide as a design. The aim was to showcase the services I provide and the work I have done for the client. clean and simple.

WaitQ Application

The goal was to provide every detail of the application on the website so that people can view it to understand the use case and learn about the developer of these applications. The should look minimal and elegant

RJ Estate

The target was to make a custom form for adding new properties on the website as well as showcasing the properties according to the locations and categories. the form should consist of price and every detail

Raza Madarasa

The goal was to make the website according to the masjid logo theme. and also make it spiritually peaceful, The color should be suiting to eyes and the message on the website should motivate people to visit the madrasa once.

Mohammed Zeeshan

The target was to be minimal and creative. The website needed to be modern in look and informative it should have all the important details on the first page itself but should not slow down the website loading speed.

Master Class GS

Master Class Gs Founders wanted this website to be as simple as possible so that students and parents can have a better experience of searching what they want. The website should be according to the current website standards with the fast page loading speed and amazing UI

Inspire Change NGO

The website Should be a balance between corporate look and creative look. It represents our Indian farmer, children, and what inspires change did for them. There should be a feeling of peace in the website. no funky look just representing details in an appropriate manner.